Designing A Site for Asbestos Removal

What should go on the website of a business that specialises in the removal of asbestos and renovating in the aftermath of such work?


Regarding web design for asbestos fence removal Perth, there are a few things to consider. First, there are elements that all business websites have in common. There are also details that should probably be there precisely because of the industry that the site is in.


Let’s go over the generic elements first.


You’ve got to have a navigation system, a way for users to get from one point of the site to another with minimal clicking. Some companies use a sitemap, others use navigation tools or a menu that’s present and consistent on all pages.


You also need a way to contact the business, along with a way to inform people about you.


The contact page is probably going to be sparse. You’ll have some contact form sometimes, but more often than not, you’ll get information instead. The site will list things like phone numbers and e-mail addresses. A business address is also essential since it makes the whole thing feel real.


A commercial website also needs to display its various services, clearly laid out with descriptions. If you’re an asbestos removal business, that might be a challenge.


For starters, you’re only providing one service. To adapt, consider focusing the service pages on things like specific clients. Things like residential versus commercial, for instance, are a good starting point.


A gallery is probably a good idea to have.


One of the advantages of a service like asbestos removal is that you can have specific visual examples of your work. This means your site can have a gallery that lets you show off what things look like before and after you work. You can also go with a “during” section, so customers know how you work.


Asbestos removal sites will need a page for things like certifications and licenses.


These are crucial, as you’re doing the sort of work that can’t be done without those documents. If you want to appear legitimate, you’ll need to show your credentials off. People who know these things do look for licenses and other records.


Finally, every website needs to have some appealing design. Base it on the branding and logo of the business, as long as it’s not something that would be terrible to look at when turned into a colour scheme.

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